Wish I Could Dive is an action-casual game where you control a little bird that pretends to be a fish: run through bubbles with perfect timing and avoid corals and jellyfish along the way!
[ The final score is calculated by Meters + Fishes ]

This game was made roughly in 4 days (I started late as always) for the Weekly game jam #132  with the theme "Deep Dive".

- Mouse click anywhere to jump out of the bubble in the arrow's direction.

All the assets were made by me from scratch for this jam, except for the bird and fish (I created those back in the days, so I chose to edit them in order to have more time prototyping). 
8bit sound effects made with Bfxr.  
Background music by Playonloop.

A game made by havana24.net 
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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action
Made withOpenFL, Stencyl
Tags2D, bird, bubble, Casual, fish, one-button, Pixel Art, Relaxing, underwater
AccessibilityOne button


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This game is so cute! To the fish, bird, and octopuses-

(Those are octopuses right?..) 

I liked the idea and that if you are too early or too late- DED. Makes you think and timing is very much key! The art for this game is amazing and I love the fact that flappy bird is now Dive bird. 100/100; A+

(I just saw the comments and I might be a late comer but for a game made a year ago it still impresses me!)

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Thats adorable
Really like the fresh idea
Whats your best score btw?

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Awesome! A really Good Idea and very challenging game! 10/10!

I dont see it needs anything else! Good job!

Thanks dude, really appreciated! :)