What if tetris pieces had souls?

Soulshape is a puzzle platformer game where you control a little ghost that can shapeshift between tetris pieces.
Your goal is to bring the shape into the dotted spot.

This games was made in 6 days for the Weekly Game Jam #140 with the theme "Shapeshift".

- Mouse click to control the ghost and take control of shapes.
- WASD or Arrow keys to move the piece.
- "R" to reset the level.
- "M" to mute/unmute.
- "ESC" to main menu.

All the assets were made by me from scratch for this jam.
8bit sound effects made with Bfxr. 
Background music by Playonloop.

A game made by havana24.net 
Follow me on twitter @hav24  

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
Made withOpenFL, Stencyl
Tagsghost, Puzzle-Platformer, shapeshift, Tetris


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there's a glitch on the last level where if you open the locked door and then place the purple block next to the pink block, then you can push the purple block by using the pink block then win the level while being available to move around, this glitch might happen with someone else but in a different level but the game great, good job on this :)

What # level were you on when you found that glitch?

idk i didnt count

you said the last level

Really cool puzzle platformer!

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This game is absolute, F U N

Very fun, great job!

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I could play this for hours, I love the challenge

Amazing, love it!!

so creative


Nice idea, nice implementation, but I have a couple pieces of feedback to make it smoother:

Having to move the hands between mouse and keyboard gets quite annoying. I'd be happy with a full-keyboard (and full-gamepad, and optionally full-mouse) control scheme.

Also, if I'm controlling one piece and click on another, I'd expect to move the control directly to the other piece, instead of having to click twice.


Watch Jam Game Showcase 2020-03-29 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv


Amazing game design. Great job!!! A+


So much fun it looks soooo good! and their little face as they jump, great stuff.


Amazing graphics, well polished, really liked the looks! Overall good game!


Very fun! Interesting gameplay and the puzzles were pretty good


Beat it!! It was all amazing nothing about is bad and it was so much FUN!!!!!




I played to the end, then wanted more levels. Amazingly addictive mechanics!


I love this game! The concept is extremely nice and all (also I love the music) :D

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Gosh I played this game again today and it's still fun. I do wish there was a way to skip a level when stuck on it. Perhaps someone should make a walkthrough >.<

I JUST FINISHED IT! It was so funnn and the last level is great


This game does a lot of things right and I love the presentation. I got stuck at the level with the gate so I might come back to finish it.


I love how you guys focused on one core mechanic to get the most out of it. Really great polishing, on-boarding and everything too! It's so intuitive and simple, yet complex.


Great game! Such a simple idea but executed so well!


Nicely done. The level with the single L illustrates a great exploration of the options you created for the player. Just the mechanics you've shown here would allow creation of seriously brain stretching puzzles (though the fiddliness with allowing pieces to push each other might make some more frustrating that they could be).


This is pretty much brilliant. Especially that level where you had to use the terrain that was on a slightly different level. Perfect "aha" moment. Seriously needs to be made into a full game, especially if you can come up with more moments like that.


Super cool game! 

Cute graphics and really nice puzzles.