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This is a great idea! Loved the concept with the character reflection and how the water serves as the border of each world and how you use that for connecting the two worlds (e.g. the crates that float).

you can kinda cheeze level 4 by jumping at the ledge


The game is fun and really cool, but it is quite hard :))

Hello! It's a fun game, but I'm wondering why you didn't just upload the update onto

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Great, and fun puzzle-platformer, but I'm not sure how to complete level 3. I can get one character to go on the flag, but I can't seem get them both on the flags at the same time. 

Nice game!


This is nice mechanics :) Keep adding new puzzle feature and the final game will be awesome ! GG !



nice game bruv

this hurt my brain alot but nice game :D


Cute game :)

It's really cool! I love the gameplay!!


You're high in the results for free -> in browser -> puzzle

i cant see anything its a black screen


luv it :>



level 3 is doing me a bamboozle

Clever Idea for a game! Gameplay is really dang cool!


engine? or open source?


big brain time


I like it.


Really clever idea for a game.


This was really fun - good work!




Nice game, love the water reflection ideia.

Awesome game. Nice work:)


Nice game bro!


Pretty fun game! Brilliant use of a mirroring mechanic.


This is a great game!!

I uploaded on my site ( an updated version of Sisão with 3 more levels and some fixes.

Play it here ➔

Let me know if you like the new levels! :)

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This is hard, but good.


How do you polish it so much in such a short time


It’s Challenging And Overall Fun

This is awesome!!


Muito bom se de ver as imagens o jogo é muito positivo e apenas o q queria agora obrgd

loved water shader

ae mano kkkkkk curti demais, principalmente do nome lksajdlajdla

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