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you can kinda cheeze level 4 by jumping at the ledge


The game is fun and really cool, but it is quite hard :))

Hello! It's a fun game, but I'm wondering why you didn't just upload the update onto

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Great, and fun puzzle-platformer, but I'm not sure how to complete level 3. I can get one character to go on the flag, but I can't seem get them both on the flags at the same time. 

Nice game!


This is nice mechanics :) Keep adding new puzzle feature and the final game will be awesome ! GG !



nice game bruv

this hurt my brain alot but nice game :D


Cute game :)

It's really cool! I love the gameplay!!


You're high in the results for free -> in browser -> puzzle

i cant see anything its a black screen


luv it :>



level 3 is doing me a bamboozle

Clever Idea for a game! Gameplay is really dang cool!


engine? or open source?


big brain time


I like it.


Really clever idea for a game.


This was really fun - good work!




Nice game, love the water reflection ideia.

Awesome game. Nice work:)


Nice game bro!


Pretty fun game! Brilliant use of a mirroring mechanic.


This is a great game!!

I uploaded on my site ( an updated version of Sisão with 3 more levels and some fixes.

Play it here ➔

Let me know if you like the new levels! :)

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This is hard, but good.


How do you polish it so much in such a short time


It’s Challenging And Overall Fun

This is awesome!!


Muito bom se de ver as imagens o jogo é muito positivo e apenas o q queria agora obrgd

loved water shader

ae mano kkkkkk curti demais, principalmente do nome lksajdlajdla

This was really cool - very inventive and well-designed. Nice work!

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