Relic Splatter is an action-adventure game where you play as Rebecca Ciler, treasure hunter at the Relic Splatter Inc. Your goal is to find all the gold relics in each chamber with the use of your paintball gun. By coloring the walls you can spot secret passages and hidden relics. If you are a true collector there are also 2 secret red relics in each level. :)

This games was made in 30 days for the Web Monetization Challenge 2020 where we had to implement web monetization and the theme "Secrets" into a game.
For the theme I decided to introduce secret spots that the player needs to find through its paintball weapon.
About the web monetization part I put a little circular radar that appears around the character when the player is close to a relic, in order to spot them quickly. To activate web monetization the player needs to activate a subscription on the Coil site.

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- WASD or Arrow keys to move.
- Click and hold the mouse button to shoot and color walls. If you shoot downwards you can use your weapon as a Jetpack.
- Spacebar to change weapon.


All assets were made by me,  Alessandro Pezzetti aka havana24
8bit sound effects made with Bfxr and Freesound.
Background music by
Pixel font by Kenney.

A game made by Twitter @hav24  

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Platformer
Made withOpenFL, Stencyl
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, hunter, Pixel Art, relic, splatoon, temple

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Now that coil is gone, are you going to be switching the radar purchase to another service, or making it a toggle for everyone? This was a lot of fun, and I'd be curious to see if you decide to make something like this but longer!



it wont let me move!

try refreshing, it happens sometimes

This gave me massive splatoon vibes

Me too. It happens sometimes does it?

I bet it does 

it must

sometime in the splatoon universe

Well, I've heard of Splatoon, but I've never played it before. Is Splatoon like a paint shooter game or something?

Yes. You shoot colored ink to cover enemy ink and "splat" the enemy. (Splat = kill)

That's just the very core though. It goes much deeper than just that. (Also I can't wait for Splatoon 3!!)


Me too.

what do you think of Splatoon 3?  


ikr i serched for "splatoon" and then this came up


anyway i think it might work now lemme try

yup! it works



nice gam, loved it. wasnt really hard to beat.didnt even get the monetization! :-P




nice game


Great game, would be much better if I could play it here instead of the browser version. I find myself accidentally clicking the outside of the game window a lot of times and that lead to some cheap deaths, hopefully there'll be a full version on in the future!

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It's a really good game, but can you make a download version? Some computers, such as mine, have a hard time running browser based games,  thanks


great game: polished and very playable, good work ! :)


how did you get 16/16?

i don't remember, sorry,
but You easy find full solution on YT :)


yep, at least currently only 12 red gems around


can you beat relic splatter without using the spitter to fly 


gameplay rules: the spitter is not allowed to be shot if aimed downward (not even a little) the boomer is however allowed to be used to it's fullest extent the spitter can be shot midair as long as it is not aimed down

failure rules:

if any of the above rules are broken eminently reset the level by pressing R

completion rules: same rules as any%

post you strats to get past the levels in the coments and if you finish post a vid!

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I took this a step further and decided to never ever use the spitter unless it was 100% necessary to progress, I shot 2 pink bullets in total, both in level 2. I'll make video soon  but the main crutch is the fact it takes 2 bazooka shots to get to the top gold relic, and you need a third one to break it. I tried looking for a way to get up in one bazooka shot but failed, so the next course of action was to find an angle that I could shoot from that was within one bazooka shot. But if it was too far away it failed because the shot would despawn after going off the edge of the screen. I shot at it from directly below and only broke one block, I even did some testing with the spitter to see if I could any angle but only found I could break the top most block, so that's level 2. Then level 3 came and I thought it was also impossible but then found a glitch that barely would get you up, ledge jumps. You start off by painting the ledge you want to ledge jump up. Then you bazooka up to the to and spam jump, if you did it correctly then you would barely get up with no bazooka shots to spare. And luckily there is a green pool nearby, so I tried extending this trick to level 2 and couldn't find any uses, so yeah. No other level presented trouble and I even found a version that's 2 levels longer and beat it with no troubles. So right now the minimum shots is 2, I'll post a video soon maybe.


great game


I... Did it

It would be nice if it had a level select so I could go back for 100% completion.

Hi! I added 2 more levels and a level selection to this game, you can play the updated version on my site over here:


Relic Splatter ( Full Game All red Diamond)

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very nice! I find it a bit too easy to press R to restart. But otherwise, I love this game and I hope you will make more level in the future!


Very fun and well made, the music is really good.

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Oh man, I love t his game.   Any chance you'll add  Game Pad  support ?


Looks great, solid mechanics, love it!

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its an excellent game but needs an option to put it in fullscreen to get rid of the links that appear in the top right - twice now ive accidentally clicked on one of them and been taken to a different page !

on returning to the game ive had to start from the beginning again which is really annoying ... or maybe add a level select ?


Really great! Tons of polish! Congrats!


Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)