Relic Splatter is an action-adventure game where you play as Rebecca Ciler, treasure hunter at the Relic Splatter Inc. Your goal is to find all the gold relics in each chamber with the use of your paintball gun. By coloring the walls you can spot secret passages and hidden relics. If you are a true collector there are also 2 secret red relics in each level. :)

This games was made in 30 days for the Web Monetization Challenge 2020 where we had to implement web monetization and the theme "Secrets" into a game.
For the theme I decided to introduce secret spots that the player needs to find through its paintball weapon.
About the web monetization part I put a little circular radar that appears around the character when the player is close to a relic, in order to spot them quickly. To activate web monetization the player needs to activate a subscription on the Coil site.

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- WASD or Arrow keys to move.
- Click and hold the mouse button to shoot and color walls. If you shoot downwards you can use your weapon as a Jetpack.
- Spacebar to change weapon.


All assets were made by me,  Alessandro Pezzetti aka havana24
8bit sound effects made with Bfxr and Freesound.
Background music by
Pixel font by Kenney.

A game made by Twitter @hav24  


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very nice! I find it a bit too easy to press R to restart. But otherwise, I love this game and I hope you will make more level in the future!


Very fun and well made, the music is really good.

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Oh man, I love t his game.   Any chance you'll add  Game Pad  support ?


Looks great, solid mechanics, love it!

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its an excellent game but needs an option to put it in fullscreen to get rid of the links that appear in the top right - twice now ive accidentally clicked on one of them and been taken to a different page !

on returning to the game ive had to start from the beginning again which is really annoying ... or maybe add a level select ?


Really great! Tons of polish! Congrats!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :)