Puffinick - a wingless story is a puzzle-platformer game where you control a little bird called Puffinick which is unfortunately born without wings. Help him reach the peak of the mountain by taking a deep breath and use it as a jetpack. Swallow different objects and spit them in order to solve puzzles along the way!
It's a story about bullies, disabilities and self acceptance.

Game made in 10 days for a game jam with the theme "Take a deep breath".
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[ You need a mouse and keyboard to play this game ]
- WASD to move and jump (or Arrow keys)
- Right mouse click and hold to take a breath.
- Aim at the bottom of your chatracter and Left mouse click to exhale and fly.
- "R" to reset. 


Game made by Alessandro Pezzetti aka havana24 (solo developer).
All assets were made by me.
8bit sound effects made with Bfxr and Freesound.
Background music by Playonloop.com.
Game made with Godot.

A game made by havana24.net Twitter @hav24  

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsPuzzle-Platformer, storygame


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Game doesn't seem to work in Firefox (114.0.1, Win 10).

The game loads to the title screen with the level numbers at the bottom, but they're all grey. Tried in Chrome and it works as intended.


beautifull story, cute character, love the animations and the challenge. Havana24 being havana24 <3

Hey, thank you very much! :D

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Really cool platformer! By the way, when the breath bar down below reaches completely yellow, does that mean Puffinick is out of breath and cannot exhale to fly anymore?

Thanks for playing! When the bar is full yellow you can't inhale anymore (since you are full of breath) and you are at you maximum energy to fly! :)


I got 100% completion!

That's great, congrats!! Was it difficult?


Not really, I barely struggled.


…so beautiful…

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

How could I not? but seriously the game’s kinda janky but it’s premise and execution is fine


You have made one of my game concepts. :D Very cool! :)


Tried to play it on a touchpad, and I didn't have any success. Not sure if I just am not that good at it, the controls are just wonky, or a combination of both.

sorry but you need to play it with a mouse, I said it right at the start. :)

Yeah, I probably should have read that!! Hahah! I still think you make good games, though!! :)


i like that you're advocating for people with disabilities