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Welcome to No Duck's Sky!

Help two ducks, Duncan and Elliott, in this action-adventure game full of low gravity!
You can use your gun as a jetpack, in order to pass through obstacles and jump through platforms... Obviously you can also kill enemies with it. :)

Every planet that you see, you can visit... and every planet is a level with an energetic orb that you need to collect in order to get away with your brother!
If you aren't able to pass a level change the planet, collect an orb and give it to Elliott at the spaceship: he will give you some power up that help you pass harder levels.

The game was made in 96 hours for a jam, so forgive me if there are some bugs!

- "A" and "D" to move (you can move even in mid-air).
- Mouse click to shoot. Aim at the ground and shoot multiple times to jump.
- "R" to reset if you got stuck.

Criteria for the JamDNA 8:
- Criteria #1: Action Adventure:
The game is an action adventure: Has a story, an objective, action levels and others more puzzle-oriented.
- Criteria #2: Outer space:
The whole game is themed in outer space, with zero-gravity section and different planets that can be reached and explored.
- Criteria #3: Energetic
You need to get back all the energetic orbs from your ship. Also you have you gun energy on top of the screen.
- Criteria #4: Cartoony Sounds
The game has cartoony sounds (eg the fall of the ship, the weird sound when you go inside a planet, bullets etc).

A game made by havana24.net 
Follow me on twitter @hav24 
Game engine used: Stencyl

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action
Made withStencyl
Tags2D, Gravity, Pixel Art, Retro, Zero Gravity

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Flash is dead please port it to html

You can play the HTML5 version here -> https://www.havana24.net/index.php?pag=play&sub=no_ducks_sky_html5


I love human


LOVE THE GRAPHICS but found a bug. when you die you just infinitly run to the right