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Use your microphone and help this little bird to overcome anxiety and stress with controlled breathing and singing.

in Mockingzen you can control the bird by breathing into the mic (the exhale will make it fly) while collecting circles and avoiding obstacles. There are also sections of the game where you need to repeat with your own voice the notes of other birds (in order to add them to the flock). It's a mockingzen bird, it likes mocking other birds melodies. :)

This game was made for the May Day Mental Health Jam 2022 where we need to make a game that educates, addresses or celebrates mental health. I decided to educate players about controlled breathing (eg. 478 technique) to reduce anxiety and singing, that is a stress-reliever that improves mental health and mood.
It should be a relaxing game, nothing too challenging.

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- A Microphone and your voice. Please breathe directly toward the microphone or the game will not work properly.
You need to use also headphones while playing or the game music/sounds will interfere with the mic.
It would be better to have an external mic in order to have a better experience.

This is the first time I tried this kind of controls so forgive me if it doesn't work properly, it's just a prototype.


All assets were made by me,  Alessandro Pezzetti aka havana24
Music and sound effects made with Bfxr and Freesound.
Voice made with Natural Reader.
Game made with Godot.

A game made by havana24.net Twitter @hav24  


Mockingzen.zip 15 MB


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