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Leap the Synth is a rhytm-puzzle-platformer game where YOU CAN'T JUMP ALONE.
You can only go left and right, to leap you need to stand on the blue blocks that grows on every beat!
The game is based on Synthwave music, and I've tried to create a graphic style that reminds this genre and the 80s.
This game was made in 96 hours for JamDNA.

- "A" and "D" to move or arrow keys.
- Spacebar to skip texts.
 - You can't jump alone, you need to go over a blue blocks to do so by follow the rhytm!
 - "R" to reset if you got stuck.
- "ESC" to skip the introduction.

Criteria for the JamDNA 9
- Criteria #1: Rhythm
You need to follow the rythm of the blue blocks and use them in order to jump and finish the levels. The blue blocks jumps at the beat. There is no other way to jump, so you need to be accurate by feeling the Synthwave music.
- Criteria #2: Hacker
The whole story is around this hacker that hhas been sucked in by it's own computer because of an infinite loop.
- Criteria #3: Synthwave Music
The whole game is full of synthwave tracks. Btw I must say that sythwave genre is really amazing.
I've also tried to create the whole game with the artstyle of this music genre of the 80s.
- Criteria #4: Flatulent Sound Effects
I've used a synthetized fart effect when you die.

For the enemies (the yellows one for instance) in order to making them I've started from my monsters assets made for the last jamDNA-8.
About the main character, the movement style of it is a part of my own art-style. I made all my characters with this sprite movement and animation. I like the way they hop when they are walking.

A game made by havana24.net 
Follow me on twitter @hav24 
Music by furbyguy and doctor dreamchip
Game engine used: Stencyl

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withStencyl
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Synthwave


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Great rhythm puzzle platformer game! How many levels are there?

Hi Havana24, you could make your flash games downloadable? The flash support will end in Christmas of this 2020.


I finished the game. Great. I wish there were more levels.

Thanks dude! I'm going to release a final version with more levels in a week! :)


Hi there, if you want to play more levels of this game I made an extended version here: http://www.havana24.net/?pag=games&sub=leap_the_synth

Hope you like it! :)

Very cool! love the idea!