Karnalita is a puzzle-platformer game where you control a pot with a fruit-eating plant on top of it. Drink water, grow your stem and even cut your own head in order to reach all the delicious yellow fruits!

This game was made in 9 days for the #GoGodotJam 2021 where we had to create a game using Godot with the theme "Grow". This is my third game made with Godot and I love it.

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- WASD or Arrow keys to move.
- "S" or Down arrow key to drink water and grow your plant.
- "R" to reset.
You need to collect all the yellow fruits in order to unlock the Goal.


All assets were made by me,  Alessandro Pezzetti aka havana24.
8bit sound effects made with Bfxr and Freesound.
Background music by Playonloop.com.
Thanks to Gonkee for the water shader tutorial on youtube.

A game made by havana24.net Twitter @hav24  

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Adventure, Platformer
Made withGodot
Tags2D, grow, Pixel Art, plant, Puzzle-Platformer, water


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Fun simple relaxing game!


Awsome and really enjoyable game


This is lovely. Such simple and fun puzzles escalating nicely in challenge. Great job!


Very creative and fun 😁

this game is super fun! and the artwork is adorable too :3

i wanna downoad it

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Downoad? That's not how you say Download!

the way you use bugs as features: amazing.

another good game from havana24!

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Karnalita = Mr. Plant (Mr. P) and Flower Pot Boy

Nice Game bro,you should try my project ( Viking Runner)


great concept. well done. congrats!


Simplismente incrivel!!


Love this game!

It has all the characteristics of a videogame made by a real game developer:

  • Very intuitive game (it doesn't need almost any explanation!).
  • Quick show of controls at first level.
  • Great level design.



I get what you mean, but they are a real game dev!


Level 8 was a little tricky, yet enjoyable to complete once I figured it out. Nice job on this game!

Pleaseeee, tell me how to do it, I've been stuck on level 8 for an hour now 😫


I hope this helps!


Thank you!!!! ^_^


This is one of the best games on GoGodotJam so far! Really clever mechanics. Really nice game!

It is featured on my Week's Top 5! Check the video!


Some really smart level design, well done






dope puzzler! love using the severed head as a mechanic