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Nicely done. Simple, but polished. I enjoyed it.

Nice game but very short. Maybe you could add an endless mode in an update.

Thanks, I will improve It for sure! It was made in 10 days for a game jam. :)

i liked it but i finished it in less than 10 goes so maybe if u could make it a bit longer but other wise really fun

I dig it.

Very fun


Who thought it was a good idea to give this bird a gun?!

Inspired by the likes of Flappy Bird and Binding of Isaac this Itch Dot Io indie is a stunning example of taking existing gameplay concepts and turning them on their head. Add the stark red/white colour scheme and fluid gameplay into the mix and you could easily mistake Up-Nest as a spiritual sequel to  Downwell.

A thoroughly enjoyable game that you're most definitely going to spend countless hours pushing yourself to improve at.

With a little love and attention this special little chick of a game could easily implement a couple more elements and become a fully fledged indie worthy of console ports.

Combining a beautiful aesthetic, riveting gameplay and an energetic soundtrack Up-Nest does everything right to make itself stand out as an emerging indie roguelike. This is one that is most certainly worth keeping an eye on.


Beat the game! Was really fun!

i loved it! really well made and fun to play.

Ha Nice Game.

Funny EggBombs.

Very well executed.


I love this game good job!!! :)

want to see my game 10 blocks?

Thanks dude I'm glad you liked it, what's your best score?
Sure, I'll take  alook at it!