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HTML5 version of Klung is available on my site (!

Play it here ➔

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Yes! Can't wait to try the No-Flash Version!


Was bored, decided to play this game again. Got a crazy score, at one point the wall was over 150m away.


make a flashless version

You can play it here

a painfully fun experience

Hi, just wanna say that I officially have the highest score.

but to let you all know, I was just really lucky

For the past hour (currently, it is 8:53) I was getting scores less than 600.

Now you are probably thinking, 'this guy just wants to brag', and you're half right. I know that this score looks intimidating, but I want it to encourage others to try to beat it! That's what makes endless runners fun!

thank you for your kind words marine 


i know i may have been rude before and im sorry also the reason i have a new account is because i couldn't post in my last last for some reason also for starters on this game when the germs get passed -7 they appear and there to fast and in the gray zone there are to many small gaps (also my high score is at 595 so haha) also could if im the first to set the highscore on this game thanks for reading

bro my high score is 779. Give back my high horse.

This game needs to become downloadable. Right Now.

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Same energy

478!!!!!!! suck trice

Dude! stop trying to rub it in our faces. We get it you're "cool".

Time to rub it in your face. 

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

nice one

dude i was replying to you

My sincerest apologies, I was just making sure that kickbutowsky would know how much higher my score is than his.

355!!!! suck it agian

343!!!! suck it

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Be prepared to klung onto dear life as you grapple at breakneck speeds through a claustrophobic corridor to escape ravenous sick cells!'Klung' is a simple but difficult game that rewards timing and punishes impatience.

With fluid gameplay and a quick restart system encased within a permadeath endless runner you'll be making sure every grapple counts as you flee from hordes of sickened cells out to make you one of them.

It is in this simplicity that the genius of this fast paced feature lies as it boils down one traversal mechanic and perfects it.

With game jam winning entry 'Up Nest'* in havana24's portfolio and a surefire gem here we will definitely be following the future endeavours of this game developer


*'Up-Nest' by havana24, winner of #StencylJam18

As always thanks for the review and for the video! You're awesome and I'm glad you liked the game! :)