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I cannot copy, paste, or upload my golf scores into the comments. Can anybody help?

god i am bad at golf

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when you get the perfect score after two days  

Wow, a hole in one in each level? Great scores! :D

Also, how do I upload an image in the comments?

Kaboom Swing (Full Game)

Finally accomplished something in life. Hole 7 can go  **** itself.

This is what people might call a perfect game. Seems like it was a good idea to sub to you ^^


Great work! Very nice concept and execution.


Interesting concept with a perfect execution


Really enjoyed this game! This game is on my Top 5 of the Week!

Check my video!


It's a great little game but the scoring system needs a change. Retrying a level like 20 times to beat a difficult bit (like the jump between spikes in 8 or 9 I think) totally kills your score, which isn't great when it's basically luck to get the right timing. Maybe score on how many explosions you needed to beat the level, rather than how many tries.

I totally agree!

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Man, how did you managed to make it in 10 days
Im so jealous

Also noticed that you didnt put background on 09


It was really fun, congrats !

Will you work on more levels ?


Thanks! Sure, I always update all of my games made for game jams with more levels! You can find them on my main website. :)