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Serious memory leak, fun but effectively unplayble after 5min...

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This game. was. G O O D!! I loved playing it and I found myself addicted! The game is really well *made and I liked when the rope was too short or when you got the gem (yay! :D) you GO BACK! I then realized how important it was to kill enemies- I learned the hard way ;-; The art was amazing and I loved how the flying enemy looks like Dratini! Great work! 10/10

very fun at first but quickly becomes too easy

Played a round of this game and it looks really fun! Art and music is great too. Reminds me of Water's Fine if you've played it?


You know what you're doing


This was super addicting. I could play this for hours. I loved the tone shift on the way back up, like you made it this far, can you get back? Art and feedback especially were on point!

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One of the best game I played in this jams! Great use of the theme "there and back" but pretty ok idea of collectible gem and buying upgrade since it has been done multiple time. Well done with the generated map!  Nice artstyle both the characters, creatures, and environment. 

Although the difficulty increase should be more interesting and intense for it to not get boring and repetitive.

All in all, you are already a professional game developers with this kind of quality you can produce.

Here's our jam game if you like to try


There might be a memory leak, after a while the game filled all my 8GB memory and 1GB from the swap (on Linux). I played the game in Firefox.

Also here is where i got before my pc freeze (sry for the big resolution):

Woah that's amazing! I can't even past cave 5! Thanks for playing it, I'll check this memory leak issue. :)


I had an easy tactic: Get a +5 meter upgrade, and then buy everything you can EXCEPT for the +meters, and the reload shop upgrade. When the game becomes enough easy with all of your upgrades, then start buying EVERYTHING including the +meters, and the reload shops.


Really fun! I love it!


Super fun idea just feals a bit to repetetiv


Everything about this game is just... good! :D

The music, the idea, the graphics (okay.. maybe thats the only things that i would like to see improve).

I really think this is one of the best games on this game jam!

Very good game!